Bests and Worsts of 2014

This list has become kind of a tradition for me, as I reflect on my year and distill it down to highlights- both good and bad, as I can look back at the trials and see how God brought me through and the blessings and be truly thankful to be far more blessed than I deserve.

I think I’ll start referring to my bests and worsts as wildernesses and blessings.

Like Medda Larkson, the Swedish Meadowlark sings, “High times hard times sometimes the living is sweet and sometimes there’s nothing to eat, but I always lands on my feet;
So when there’s dry times, I wait for high times and then I put on my best and stick out my chest and I’m off to the races again.” (Newsies)

In this year’s race, here’s what shaped 2014.

– I tried not to, but my mind kept a tally of the patients I lost during my residency. March 22,2014 will always be a terrible day in my memory.

– Advent 2014. While most were joyfully and hopefully awaiting the celebration of God’s love cone to earth, grief for my pastor Gwen who died in August of 2013, and sadness because she hadn’t gotten to ordain me crept all over my advent. It was harder than I anticipated, not being able to vest for advent.

– Movepocalypse 2.0
No. Just no. Working and moving at the same time was so much not a good idea.

– My new job. I started half time in June and full time in September. It’s been blessing after blessing working there.

– My sister and brother-in-law told be I was going to be an aunt, and then we went out for ice cream.

– My solo apartment and furniture. My tiny apartment is as cozy as I’d imagine a hobbit hole would be, and that makes me happy. I think it makes Oliver happy too- he should very much like to meet a hobbit.

How about you? What are you most glad to be leaving behind in ’14? Which special memories will go with you forever?


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