Adventures in Ignatian Spirituality: A Conversation With Jesus

My previous post addressed a conversation I had with Paul during a silent ministry discernment retreat.

This is the conversation I had with Jesus. We were sitting out under the trees, leaves falling all around us in the breeze.

S: Pretty day, yeah?

J: Absolutely. Fall is just my favorite.

S: Mine too. I love the crisp cold, the changing leaves- it’s the kind of day that reminds me of you.

J: Nice. Days that remind me of you are less chilly. A bright, cloudless blue sky, balmy breeze; it’s spring or summer for sure and yet, inevitably, Christmas music blares through the speakers as you cruise the roads with the windows down.

S: Nailed it.

J: You’ve been tired lately.

S: I have.

J: What’s that about?

S: I don’t know- it’s a lot of things. My new job, my car is like on hospice care, I’m moving a week from Monday, my student loan… I mean I could go on. And on and on.

J: Don’t. Let’s just you and me spend some time together, working through your anxieties. You can give them to me. I will hold them for you. You don’t need to carry all that with you everywhere you go.

S: I know.

J: besides, you’ve got important work to do.

S: about that- what are your thoughts on My Church at Home?

J: the practice is going to benefit a lot of people. Those receiving, those attending and those who lead.

My church at home is a beautiful concept, and in practice it was a lovely picture of Christian community in action.

S: Did you see how happy Dannie was?

J: Yes. You lifted her spirits by providing her 4 tangible representations of me- you reminded her that she’s not alone.

S: Good.
J: You’ve got a big job coming up though- it’ll be what you will do on Sunday mornings and in various meetings and conversations- especially around Christmas time.

You’ll be attending to people who miss their building terribly. Spend some time with them helping them lament- then move to hope.

I’m right there with you in the work with you guys. The ministry staff and I will work together to lead them through Christmas without their own space.

Remember, when those tense conversations come up, it’s not because of your shortcomings- it comes out of their fear.

Remember that as you love them. Help them to live from their love rather than from their fear.

S: I hear that. That resonates.

J: Good. Go get some rest. I love you.

S: I know. I love you too.


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