Morphings: The Ministry is Slowly Taking Shape

This has felt like the busiest week of my life. I’m 2 weeks into my new full time job and loving it.

Last week, we moved our office from the old building to our new space, and were graciously welcomed and supported by the amazing staff at First Baptist Church Decatur.

This week, while my boss was in DMin classes and our receptionist was on vacation, I unpacked my office and have it looking sparse but decent, and busied myself about the work of caring for people, adjusting to my new pastoral role, and saying bye to a good friend.

This week, on odd days I’ve spent my time writing letters, making phone calls, and doing home visits with some of the most delightful people. My goal was to contact everyone on our Care Ministry list in some way ( letter, call or visit) at least once this week. Mission, with the exception of three unlisteds, accomplished.

On the even days I hosted brain storming sessions with myself, and started concept mapping and free journaling ideas for the ministry that I was hired to help develop and implement, and worked on writing Sunday’s sermon.

In the evenings after the gym, I’ve been coming home to spend quality time with my little sugar bear, Oliver, and reading for fun!


I finished Palisades Park by Alan Brenert and am moving onto I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive by Steve Earle.

I’m bone tired, but looking forward to coffee shopping the mess out of this sermon tomorrow, and getting ready to do go another round next week of phone calls, letters, visits and encounters with God and some of metro Atlanta’s finest senior adults.”>20140918-225527.jpg


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