Residency Take-Aways: Part 2 of 5

Well I met him on a Sunday ( ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo) and I missed him on Monday… Anyone? Moving on.

Anyway, that Sunday afternoon I had gone into the shop just to look around before meeting some friends for dinner- and there he was. The cutest little thing is ever seen, all by himself. He looked all sad, like he needed a friend, and I knew I could be that friend.

A week later, I went back and he was still there. I try to make as few impulsive decisions in life as I can because they’re second-nature to me. But a week later there he was. So, I bought some fancy food, a water bottle and treats, signed the little guinea pig adoption papers and Oliver was mine.

It took him a good few months to warm up to me, in fact I though he hated me at first (I’m not convinced he didn’t) but no we are pretty much BFF.

Oliver helped me survive my residency by listening to my day and my crazy on calls, by being my buddy after a tough day or overnight shift and helping me eat healthier. I try to buy mostly things that Oliver will eat too- like leafy greens, cucumbers, berries and other fresh produce.

He’ll always be my residency survival pal first, but he is VERY excited to start living into his new title: Assistant to the Associate Pastor.



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