Homemade Ice Cream

Last week I went on vacation to see my parents in Tennessee. It was a fantabulous time of hanging out in the sun, marathoning Indiana Jones (only the 3 legit ones. The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull does not warrant a place in the lineup) and The Lord of The Rings.

I slept all the way through each night without my sleep being interrupted by real or phantom pages/calls in the middle of the night.

I learned that Oliver is freaked out by travel, but loves The Lord of the Rings. He really identifies with the Hobbit practice of multiple breakfasts, lunches and suppers per day, as do I.

I lost every single game of Scrabble with my mom – but I went down fighting, that’s for sure. I spelled Rawhide on one of my turns. True story.

I made and decorated Star Wars cookies with my dad, and we made home made ice cream.

Every year, the church I used to attend has a family potluck and ice cream social – actually, a home made ice cream contest. My dad and I have entered the contest for about 4 years now – last year we came closer than ever to winning, but just missed it.

We submitted 2 entries – a Mexican Hot Chocolate Ice Cream that tasted like a Wendy’s Frosty with cinnamon and a kick of Chipotle. It was quite a hit; and a Pecan Pie-Scream – I baked a pecan pie from scratch and we churned it right into the ice cream. Yes it was as amazing as it sounds and more.

This time, there were no fancy add ins, though we did reminisce about the previous entries… the above mentioned amaze fests, the time we did classic vanilla, and the time we churned in fancy chocolate shavings and real diced cherries.

We mixed up the simple ingredients in the blender, and poured it into the canister – like we’ve always done at birthdays, family picnics, or any time the sun came out and the family had nothing to do.

We took turns churning as we sat on the porch surrounded by my mom’s amazing garden, a cool breeze and a setting sun. We were joined by missionary friends of ours, stopping in to stay the night on their way to Nashville. We reminisced of old times and discussed current times and future hopes.

And as the crank became almost impossible to church anymore, we dipped out the cold and creamy ice cream, stirring in strawberries and Star Wars cookie crumbles to our liking.

There’s nothing like hand-churned Millennium Falcon Strawberry Ice Cream and time with family to melt away under-eye circles and stressful, sleepless nights.

And, in case anyone now has a hankering for ice cream:
3 quarts whole milk
3 cans sweetened condensed milk
1 teaspoon vanilla flavoring

1. Blend and churn

2. Add strawberries and other delights to your heart’s content

3. Enjoy with the people you love the most.


One Comment

  1. Mom

    You captured the specialness of our time together – and many others – beautifully. You make all times together special. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us. And thank you for your persistence – you truly might possibly win the next round of Scrabble! Looking forward to our next encounter.

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