Throw Back Thursday: I Survived The Winter

I’m going through old journals, consolidating them I to one or two volumes of keep-worthy gens, before I burn the rest.

I found this one in my 2008 – 2010 journal. We must have had a crazy winter sometime between ’08 and ’10….

I Survived The Winter

Taking with it flood and sadness, empty feelings of despair, winter clears out and leaves in place of snow and ice,

Crystal clear, pastel-perfect blue skies, artfully laced with puffy clouds.

A brilliant sun shines through and warns the land and hearts therein. Sun shines, birds sing happiness all around. Spirits lift.

Blue skies rock my face off.

Flowers will be blooming soon. Spring is on it’s way. More daylight hours to erase the nightmares of winter will soon be here making another winter a distant memory.

Welcome sun, stay and never leave. Shine on in brilliance revealing truth, beauty and sparkly prism- like God smiles everywhere you go.


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