Ukuleles, Violins and Beetles

My co-resident, Bill, plays the Ukulele. I play the violin.  Last Friday, we combined our vast musical powers and played 2 duets for one of our patients.

This patient is a tracheotomy-dependent patient, who is largely nonverbal, but a delight nonetheless. We went up to the room and explained that we had been working on these two songs, and we really needed the patient to let us know if we were sounding good or not.

Judging from the wide, sweet smiles and enthusiastic applause, we should probably be taking our little show on tour.

In a touching homage to The Beetles, a tribute to imagining new ways of connecting, and a high five to rolling with the punches, we performed Ukulele- violin versions of Let it Be and Imagine.

The universality of music’s powerful touch came through, once again, providing for a poignant and very fun encounter, between three people who love music.

And now, I bet you’re singing those songs to yourself in your head, amirite? You’re welcome 🙂



  1. Michael Summers

    It sounds like you did much good for your patient. I was a little confused about how beetles were going to fit in a hospital setting, but then I saw the reference to “Let It Be” and realized that you were talking about the Beatles.

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