My Hipster Guinea Pig

That silly Oliver. I don’t think he’s eaten in a while. Let me be perfectly clear: there is no shortage of food in this house. I was trying to save some money so I mixed his fancy food with an economy version I got at the grocery store- which is just as good.

Oliver picks out the fancy pellets and leaves the economy pellets behind, then looks at me like I’M the idiot in the situation.

So now, I’m stuck buying fancy food for the world’s pickiest guinea pig.

Just where did this level of discerning palate come from anyway?
Not from me. I’m a foodie, sure, but I’m not a snob!

So, friends I meet for coffee sometimes, I can’t be doing that anymore because I have to spend that extra few dollars on fancy organic food for Oliver.

Oh, you wanna get a pizza? No problem. Except yes problem because I have to get different treats for Oliver because he hates the cookies I bought him.

The nerve of me to subject him to my plebeian ways!

For all his snobbery, though, at the end of the day I love Oliver- and I’ll grant that maybe a little part of his personality disorder is my fault for making his middle name Elizabeth…

It’s still nice to come home to happy little squeaks, hops and hipster piggy snuggles- especially during current transitions and the anticipation of future ones.

I’m thankful that Oliver is along for this part of the journey.


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