Reflections on Hope

“What we can glimpse of the divine is exactly always enough and never enough” – Kathleen Norris

Glimpses of the divine come at welcome times for me. Just when I need to see evidence of some good, deeper force, I look up while stopped at a red light and a beautiful blue sky breaks through white, puffy clouds- and I smile.

Just when I need it, a perfect song comes on the radio as I drive past a most perfect tree- barren because it’s winter, branches outstretched to the blue sky above.
The sharp contrast is breath-taking. The sky-blue of God’s providence, the very same sky that hosted the rainbow of promise all those years ago, now provides a backdrop of grace and promise for the tree- lovely in its brokenness because it is framed by hope.

Pure, unadulterated hope of restoration and a coming spring that will bring new life in green leaves and gentle breezes that will sway this tree to and fri as the backdrop of hope becomes a deeper blue, accentuated by a brightly shining sun.

Hope. That all-encompassing concept that is at once exhilarating and terrifying, life- giving and almost growth-stunting in its way of shifting norms and perspectives.

Hope. At once it is exactly always enough and never enough.


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