An original poem by Oliver E. Robb, Guinea Pig Extraordinaire

When pet owners go stir crazy when they are iced in, they write poems in their pet’s voices. #snowpocalypse’14

My name is Oliver Robb
I like to eat corn on the cob
My favorite treats are papayas and beets
And I squeak like it’s my full-time job.

Kale and carrots abound.
No boredom when I am around!
It’s fun times galore as I prance ‘cross the floor so happily I shake the ground.

What talent!

Hopefully, he is toasty and warm, blissfully unaware of the cold and ice.

On a serious note, while Oliver feasts on kale and carrots, his owner invites you to join the prayers of many on behalf of stranded motorists, kids who are separated from their parents, worried families, scared drivers, etc.



  1. Michael Summers

    I’ve been stranded in Marietta while here on a work assignment; dinner last night was poptarts after I braved the icy roads to reach a Cracker Barrel that had closed. I was impressed on my brief adventure by the number of people I saw stopping to help people in trouble.

      1. Michael Summers

        Actually I work in Marietta a few days each month; this severe weather caused a “repurposing” of my time as a work-related class was cancelled midstream and I ministered to people providing assistance in the crisis. It was tough two nights not being able to get out to an eatery (or find one open). Still, God provided and I will set out for home tomorrow.

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