I’d Like to Thank The Academy

In the spirit of awards show season, here is this year’s version of the acceptance speech I’d have prepared had I been up for an Academy Award for Best Original Score.

Dream with me:

My lunch bag has this saying on it it says ” don’t follow your dreams, chase them.” Well I’ve been chasing this one since I was about 15 years old. I never thought I’d actually make it, but I caught my dream and here I am and I guess I can begin living out the rest of my life in post dream achievement bliss, eating MoonPies and you know, work and stuff.

This night would not be possible for me without the love and support of my parents, my sisters, my friends.

To my High School piano teacher, Aki, and my high school chorus director, John, thank you for sharing your passion for music with me, and encouraging me to always make room for music in my life.

To the team of countless individuals who worked on this film, your excellent work will live on for years to come. Thank you.

To the writers who wove together a beautiful story of life and love, your imagination will inspire future generations to seek goodness and love as they live their lives. Thank you.

Paul (Giamati) and Sandra (Bullock), your performances were nothing short of the best. I am deeply moved and honored by the opportunity to see my music brought to life in your portrayals of these wonderful characters. Thank you.

Ms. Coppola, it was under your brilliant guidance that this film became what it was. Thank you.

Finally, and I’ve been looking forward to saying these words for a long time, I’d like to thank The Academy.

Thank you for creating a space for the recognition of artists who devote their lives to film in its various capacities.

Thank you for an event where young dreamers can watch artists get recognized for their talent and hope that one day, they too can be as good as Klaus Badelt or Alexandre Desplat.

And, especially tonight, thank you for the opportunity to hear my name read in the same breath as theirs.

This means so much to me. Thank you so much. Thank you.


The end. I know it’s super long and I’d have to tweak it, but those are the basics of what I’d want to say.

What’s your award? Do you have an acceptance speech?


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