A Prayer as we Wait for the Kingdom of G-D

Mark 4:30
Again he said, “what shall we say the Kingdom of G-D is like, or what parable should we use to describe it?”

Be praised in the sunset as you cast your glory over the earth like a warm, glittery blanket of love and peace.

Be praised in the laughing babble of the brook as the water sings of your wonders while crashing over rock and sand.

Be praised in the birds that rest in the branches of your most glorious trees, in the songs they sing, the memories they conjure, the colors they grace us with every day.

For all these, O G-D, are your creative strokes on the canvas backdrops of our lives.
Your creation, from the smallest stream to the biggest ocean, from lonely tree to lush forest, from tiny hummingbird to majestic eagle are proclaiming your kingdom every day.

May I not be left out of the joy of bringing the news
with my voice lifted in praise,
with my hands lifted in prayer,
with my knees bent in service,
with my arms open in love,
with my life bowed in submission
to you, O great king.


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