Bests and Worsts of 2013

It seems like this year has gone by exceptionally fast. As I’ve processed my year- graduating, turning 30, landing a residency, here are some of the highs and lows that most stand out.


3. It’s a combined high- low. I finally had my gallbladder surgery and after almost 2 years of bland, I a little bit let myself go and will now have to kick up the workouts and the discipline and start reigning myself in.

2. My parents moved away. After a lifetime of having Christmas Eves with at least my parents, this year’s was not a complete letdown but not the best either. My little sister and I had dinner at On The Border on Christmas Eve and were done by 8PM. It was too cold to do anything else so we just went our separate ways and it was kind of lame.

1. Not being able to go to Baja and work with the churches. This was my second in what I feel will be a long stretch of years in which I wasn’t able to go to Mexico to visit the many churches on the Baja Peninsula or the City of Children in Ensenada. Here’s hoping they all still remember me at least.


3. Graduating from McAfee School of Theology. That’s right, folks. Sara comma MDiv. And it’s been great being able to keep up with my professors and classmates too so it’s not a complete void.

2. Preaching, chaplaining and writing. I’m in a writing group with one of my friends I graduated seminary with and sometimes our preaching professor’s wife. I am enjoying meaningful work as a pediatric hospital chaplain and I’ve arranged 2 preaching gigs so far for 2014. A big highlight for me this year was getting to preach in chapel at my school. It was fun and quite affirming and just a lovely experience.

1. Ordination and church membership. The other day at my new church, one of the older couples I’ve been getting close to said to me “we’re so glad you’ve joined us. It’s gonna be great having you around.” I’m glad to have found a place to serve at Druid Hills Baptist Church and am SO excited to be starting the ordination process with them.

With a lot of my highlights following me into 2014 (especially more preaching!) I’m really excited for what’s next.

How about you?


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