On Life After Seminary

After spending my Christmas tree funds on meds for bronchitis- which by the way is getting SO old, I needed this:

I sat down tonight with my tiny notebooks I carry everywhere with me- I’ve completely filled 4 in the past 2 years and came across this list of 10 Things I’m Most Excited For After Graduation.

It was uplifting to read because of the outcomes. Yet another way God reminds me that God stays around. 🙂

And my roommate has a plastic Christmas tree so, all is not lost.

10 Things I’m Most Excited For After Graduation:

10. Looking for places to serve.
Check. Druid Hills Baptist Church

9. Hopefully a chaplain residency.
Check. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

8. Framing my diploma
Actually not yet. Maybe I’ll have time later.

7. No more all nighters.
Well… I mean I usually get sleep during on calls.

6. Calling professors by their first names.
Check. I thought it would be a way bigger deal. But, I was practically already there anyway I guess. I nicknamed all my profs “Dr. + First Initial of Last Name” during school.

5. Piecemeal -ing a commentary set.
I mean, I have a comprehensive working wish list. For now I say it counts.

4. More preaching.
Yep! And thankfully, the gigs keep coming!

3. Never again filling out a FAFSA

2. The Graduate Commissioning Service
Check. It was beautiful and I made it safely back to my seat without dropping my Hymnal or my chalice or paten. Win.

1. My graduation party
Check. It was epic- so much fun, so much cake, so many Brazilian party finger foods and so many friends.


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