Singleness Isn’t The New Leprosy, or, Stop Trying To Fix Me Up, I’m Not Broken

After a couple of conversations around this theme, a letter.

To the society that perpetuates a happy ending to life that for the most part generally goes like this: forlorn single lady meets perfect match, they fall in love, get married, have kids and live happily ever after,

stop trying to make that so much the norm that people who don’t fit into that box feel left out, damaged or broken in some way.

To those who would say to me “good for you for focusing on your career,”

what IS that? What does that even mean?

To well-meaning matchmakers who just want to help when I haven’t specifically asked,

stop trying to fix me up, I’m not broken.


One Comment

  1. Vanessa

    Maybe its not about you…maybe the people who insist in boxing you have trouble being fulfilled in themselves…maybe they feel that they can’t be happy outside a pair and assume you must feel the same…

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