The Chaplain Who Couldn’t Find God

Once there was a chaplain who worked at a hospital. During a particularly overwhelming week, the chaplain – whose job it is to help patients and families find the sacred in their suffering – momentarily lost the holy in the midst of all the humanity.

On the way to minister to the family, she tried to think of how she could possibly point point to the sacred hidden in shattered dreams, broken hearts and a little life cut short by another’s choice.

At the crossroads of the sacred and the shattered, she found God in the family that seemed to gain strength from being together.

At the intersection of the holy and the hellish, she found God in the waiting room, as the hurting family shared their food with the other hurting families around them.

In the tension between hope and reality, she found God in a family surrounding the bed of a tiny lifeless body lifting hearts and voices in prayer.

And the chaplain who couldn’t find God found hope that transcends despair, peace that washes over sorrow, and a God that never truly disappears.



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