Namaste, Safe Travels and God Bless You!

I met Mary Kaylor at McAfee. I got to know her through a preaching class, writing class and a prayer group we were both a part of. I think she is super cool. She’s one of the best story tellers I’ve ever met. The characters come to life thorough her words, and you instantly love them, and are immediately sucked into the story world with its vivd sunflowers and sunny, cloudless skies. 

She’s a great friend, a deep thinker, a good scholar and she’s also an adventurer. She’s about to be headed to India to teach children. She will live with a family she’s never met and she will be amazing at it. 

I was reading one of her blog posts in which she relayed all the excitement she’s feeling but also the reality of the move and being so far away from her family. So, I penned a prayer for her, and will be in continuous prayer for her move, transition into a new culture, the family she will live with and all the children she will meet.

I invite you to join me.


As you get ready to set off on a new adventure, I pray for peace: for you as you bounce between excitement and uncertainty; for your family as they prepare to see you off; for your friends who will miss. 

As you get ready to teach the little children, I pray for patience: for you, on the days when the questions are just too much and the answers too few, for them as they learn from you and teach you too, for your classroom – that it will be a safe space where the kids can come and learn and be loved – just for who they are. 

As you continue to look for and follow God’s voice in your life, I pray for blessing: on your time in India, on your life and dreams, on all the people who will be blessed by you. 

May the people of India see Christ in your eyes, hear Christ on your lips, feel Christ in your hands, and may you keep Christ in your heart and by your side. 


I’ll miss you so much, but I’m SUPER excited for you! Keep us posted. 🙂

Namaste, safe travels and God bless you! 


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