Stability and I are besties, and have been for a long time. Stability, routine and homeostatic environments have been really great buddies of mine for a while now. We’ve had a good, cozy run but around May of this year, we started drifting apart.

It started when I graduated from seminary, after five (yes, five) years of the school/work/internship daily grind and after forming strong relationships with peers and professors and finding myself and my voice through my time there.

Then, I had to move from my parents’ home into a new townhome in Sandy Springs , which is actually going really well.

And then my parents and sister moved to Tennessee, so after many years of all living in the same city, my immediate family is now split across state lines.

Also, I started a new job, which means: new communte, new culture, NEW INSURANCE (YES!) and leaving Grace and Magsie (sad times).

Hence, my overuse of the word apocalypse. I’ve been adding it to everything, to try to convey the magnitude of the change going on around here. For example: graduationpocalypse, packingpocalypse, unpackingpocalypse, orientationpocalypse, 

and that time that I was on MARTA last week and the train stopped in the middle of a tunnel and all the lights went off and the air started to become very thin and I wanted to eat my apple but I didn’t because I wasn’t exactly sure we hadn’t hit the start of the Zombie Apocalypse. Good news: we hadn’t.  OH, and let’s not forget the phenomena that have been affecting all of us, not just me, this whole summer and the Spring before: monsoonpocalypse and pollenpocalypse, respectively.

Now, when used correctly, the word “apocalypse” means a lifting of a veil, or a revelation of something previously hidden.  I realized the other day that all these various “pocalypses” that I’ve been experiencing have actually served that purpose – they’ve revealed things to me about myself, or to others about myself (like, how hard it was that time that routine and stability and I weren’t besties anymore), and that stressful times make me kind of cooky,

but also that I’m pretty resilient. I think I’ve done pretty well with the move – I even went to a new church by myself last week – a great experience, by the way- and transitioning from graduate student to resident, to…?

So, as much as I’d love things to stay the same, I know they can’t, so I’m actually kind of excited to let the apocalypses of my life continue to unveil things for me along the journey.


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