A Prayer

I was literally almost asleep during the payroll presentation at orientation today, when my co chaplain resident who will be at the other campus leaned over and whispered something about a school shooting in Dekalb county, hoping that this news would not lead to injured children and devastated families.

I selfishly went in another direction with my thoughts, hoping instead that my sister who teaches kindergarten, will never be among those who’ve faced the sound of a gunshot in a school full of children.

God of love, for young ones who feel the need to reach out for love by inflicting pain and fear, we pray.

God of protection, for the children who were spared today, and for their teachers and their families, we give thanks.

God of peace, for those who will hear the news, and re-live their own tragedies, we pray.

For hope in a despairing world, for peace, for comfort, O Lord hear our prayer.


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