Outcomes and Goals For My Chaplain Residency 2013-2014

I got really good at writing my own learning goals for certain classes during my time in seminary. That’s right, Dr. H, I’m talking to you 🙂 But seriously, I thought it would be a good idea to capitalize on my still being in that kind of mindset and make myself a list of things I want my residency to do for me (outcomes) and the ways I’ll try to make that happen (goals), and how I will measure success on each one.

During my residency year, I hope to accomplish the following things:

Outcome: To grow into a fuller representation of my identity as a pastor.

Goals: 1) Embrace the confidence, knowledge and training I gained at McAfee and foil them into my on-call and cold-call visits as a hospital chaplain and in Sunday worship. Measured by: worship services, verbatim presentations in residents group, weekly reflections.

2) Establish a pastoral relationship with my intern. Measured by: being available to answer any questions, come along on first patient visits on assigned floor, etc.

3) Pray for my intern, my assigned staff chaplain, and my assigned individual supervisor. Ongoing.

Outcome: To become “effectively stingy” with my work and free time. This one is about self-care and use of time at work.

A. Effective use of time at work:

Goals: 1) Use on-call shifts as a time to watch and listen for God, rather than watching too much TV. Measured by: not bringing DVDs to on-call. If a show I’m following is on and I’m not rounding or responding to calls, I’ll watch it then do some scripture study, prayer, writing, reflection; spending time in the garden when it’s nice out.

2) Keep up with required readings and verbatim write ups. Measured by: not counting on on-call shifts to be quiet enough to get everything done that I need to get done.

B. Use of free time:

Goals: 1) Balance leading a Sunday night small group with making time for reading, blogging, friends and some babysitting (because let;s be honest, you don’t just leave Grace and Maggie). Measured by: Meticulous use of a planner (I get better every year), attendance at my weekly Wednesday night Bible study, Thursday night trivia twice a month, Tuesday night tap class at least once a month (my best friend loaned me her tap shoes!), and attendance at the following SHOWS WHICH WILL BE COMING TO THE FOX FOR THE ’13-’14 SEASON!!!! : Evita, BOOK OF MORMON, Lion King, American Idiot. I mean, what?! Moving on…

Outcome: To be able to remain balanced and sane despite the weight of hospital chaplain residency work.


1) Develop a post-call ritual that works for me. Contenders so far: GA Aquarium (my sister gave me an annual pass!), blogging at Land of 1000 Hills Coffee Shop, hot yoga, normal people yoga, gardening

2) Find a way to release patients that stick with me. We were encouraged during the internship to find a ritual all our own to let go of patient deaths and tough situations. I need a new one. Contenders so far: feed the ducks on a lake that has ducks, naming each piece of bread a patient before I launch it into the lake, write patient names on flash paper and hold a personal, mini memorial service before I burn each name.

I’m planning on learning a lot, growing a lot, getting good insurance so I can have my surgery! and continuing to become the person God wants me to be.


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