The Other Side of Poverty

In an “unpackingpocalypse” fit of nostalgia while I was putting my books back into my bookcase in my new home, I started to read my Baja journal – the journal I use on mission trips to Baja, Mexico. I ran across this piece wrote on the way back to the City of Children (a children’s home in Ensenada) after translating some home visits with a group of students from Greater Atlanta Christian School. We had to drive right through town to get to the church we were doing outreach with. I wrote it for the kids at the City of Children who come out of abject poverty.

The Other Side Of Poverty

Today I saw the home you’d make on the other side of poverty. White, with blue trim on the shutters and doors, and a bright blue gate. This home was surrounded by beauty: blue sky, a view of the beach and a landscape flecked with pretty flowers.

Today I saw where you might shop on the other side of poverty. Abundant food, clothing and cleaning supplies. There was a movie theater and lots of restaurants. What a treat! Nightlife on the other side of poverty.

I’m sure to the wealthy it’s an afterthought. These things have always been there for us. I wonder what our eyes would see, what our ears would hear if we looked on the other side of wealth. It is exhausting- keeping up appearances as the status quo becomes increasingly important.

Id prefer to join you in your home that you’ve made now. It’s simplicity contains more beauty in the sheer faith that resides there than any white, blue-trimmed house with a view. The other side of wealth becomes more than poverty.

It’s truth, it’s simplicity, it’s faith and trust. Given the choice, I’d choose this over the other side of poverty.



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