I Heart Lawrence Welk, or, Why I Belong in a Senior Retirement Community

Last night I had the time of my life at Wesley Woods Towers, which is a part of Wesley Woods Center. Wesley Woods Center is a hub for senior living and elder care, located in the Druid Hills region of Atlanta and Wesley Woods Towers is an independent senior living community.

I had never been there before, and had been invited to preach at Sunday Vespers. I walked in and immediately felt like this is the kind of place I could call home. They have a beautiful library, and there were several ladies sitting at a table chatting over a game of cards. There’s a nice living room-like area where people can sit and visit with each other, and the building is streamlined and clean.

I’ve mentioned before that some of my favorite times during college were visiting my grandfather’s friends he’d made over the years, who lived in nursing homes or in assisted living type facilities. I love spending time with senior citizens. Not just for the wisdom that I glean from them, but, at least in the case of my grandmother, we seem to love the same things.

The gospel music channel, the Lawrence Welk Show (not even kidding, it’s one of my favorites), every kind of pie, potatoes, gardening and Bingo – just to name a few.

Last night was a fun time because I got to make some new friends, I got to preach, and I got to spend some quality time talking to a 98 year old woman I’d never met before

about rations during the war, and how butter is awesome,

about the health benefits of black pepper and it’s awesomeness over mashed potatoes,

about pies – both fruit- filled and cream- filled,

and about Lawrence Welk.

I’ll be honest – I’ve had the dreams of a great romance. Meeting some amazing guy who would sweep me off my feet and partner with me in ministry and in life…

forget that. I’m setting my sights on senior retirement living, pie, and Lawrence Welk.




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