10 Favorite things about my dad

10) He has adventurous taste: he’s not achieved “foodie” status yet, like me, but he’ll try anything I make and listen to my notes on restaurant food like it’s fascinating to him.

9) He’s a hard worker

8) He taught me to love missions, missionaries, giving and being mission-minded

7) If you’ve ever heard him laugh, you know that’s a favorite thing

6) He lives in the moment, doesn’t really look back and plugs full force ahead with whatever life brings

5) He taught me how to roll with the punches

4) He’s supportive of my schooling and preaching and life endeavors

3) He teaches me how to be a good minister

2) He likes to be cooked for and I love to cook so we’re a good team

1) Indiana Jones and Star Wars. That’s all.



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