Finding Gratitude in Packing For A Move

I dislike packing very much. I’ve been packing up my room for my imminent move to Dunwoody/Sandy Springs in about 2 weeks. I’m just going across town, but it’s still a lot of stuff to pack and clean and all that. If you’ve moved, I’m sure you know.

I’ve been wrapping my breakables in map paper from my dad’s work. Who needs newspaper when you can use a map of the world to wrap stuff in? It’s better than bubble wrap I tell ya!

Moving on. Most of my books are in boxes, all that’s left are my Bibles, my Synopsis of the Four Gospels, picture albums and my journals (blank and filled). And my Real Simple and Southern Living and Harpers magazines. Yes, I keep them all. I turn them into coiled coasters are Christmastime.

I’ve stowed my glass animal collection and all my antique glass and am now working on boxing up the things in my cedar chest. The guatemalan place mats and the Strawberry Shortcake blanket my sister made me smell amazing. I’ve got a blender in there still to pack, a pyrex casserole and my collection of vintage silverware.

My grandma’s old vase is safely in a box, my violin, guitar and electric piano are ready to go and I won’t have to move my bed because my parents are taking it with them for one of their guest rooms in their new home, wherever they land, in Murfreesboro, TN.

I have too many comforters, so I’m getting rid of the green one. I’m keeping the Beatrix Potter one for sentimental reasons (it was my first piece of bedding after we moved from Brasil to the US) and I’m swapping my queen sized, too much for me bed, for a loft where I will sleep on the top and use the bottom as storage. My new quilt made by a dear friend as a graduation gift will be my new comforter.

As I continue to look around my room, instead of choosing to be daunted by this task, I think I’ll choose to be grateful.

Grateful that my dad finally has a ministry job and that’s why I have to move. Grateful that I have too many blankets and pillows, too many theology books that I love and will keep forever, too many Bibles, each of which I can study whenever I want.

I’m grateful that I have magazines galore to turn into crafts or to rifle through on airplanes and on call at the hospital. I’m grateful for the pictures I still have to pack, for my collection of vintage everything, for my clothes that my new closet is too small for.

Packing reminds me of how much I have to be grateful for – and right now, it feels like so, so much.


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