Mission Trip Translating: A Day in The Life

Last night, I got home from an amazing week at Clinica Ezell in Guatemala. I was able to join with oh let’s estimate 50ish people (?) on a General/GYN Surgery trip. I went as a translator. It was very much fun, and if you’ve been around the blog you know that I love mission trip translating. It’s fun for me, and I enjoy all the people I get to know but it is very exhausting. It’s hard to be “on” in both languages all day, every day even for as little as one week. But I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. In case you’re curious, the life of a Health Talents International volunteer translator goes something like this:

6:30 AM: Get up, shower and get ready

7AM: Breakfast

7:30 AM to 9AM: Translate pre and post-op morning rounds

9AM-1PM: Translate for Anesthesiologists questioning patients before surgery, translate surgery consults, translate in recovery room, be available to translate in OR if needed

1PM: Lunch!

1:30 PM to 7PM: Translate surgery consults, anesthesia questions (I am so good at explaining spinal anesthesia I’m practically an anesthesiologist. JUST KIDDING), translate in recovery room (communication between patients and nurses)

7PM: Dinner!

After dinner to 11PM: Translate post-op rounds with the surgeon, be available to translate in recovery room

11PM- 6:30 AM: SleepSleepSleep

It’s a lot, but it’s so fun. Pictures and a full newsletter to come soon!



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