100 Ways To Describe Me, or, My 100th Post!

I’m really excited about this. I mostly write for me, but I’ve been so encouraged to have readers so I thought my 100th post could be a way to let y’all in to who I am if you don’t know me. I’ll start with a few ways my friends describe me, and then I’ll finish off with my own list:

My friends said:

1. Adventuresome

2. Curious

3. I love my family

4. Heart for justice

5. Dedicated friend

6. Fun

7. Giggly

8. Thoughtful

9. Caring for the outcast

10. A selfless, philanthropic, top hat-wearing, cigar-chewing (I don’t) cuddly bunny

11. Adorable

12. Nice

13. Witty and pensive sense of humor

14. Luna Lovegood

15. Granola (my sister says I’m a hippie)

16. Whimsical


18. Unwilling to settle for unhealthy

This is what I would say about myself:

19. Preacher

20. Seminary graduate

21. Lover of coffee and books, especially together

22. Foodie

23. Missionary

24. Tall

25. Fit(ish)

26. Musical

27. Singer

28. Writer

29. Artist

30. Quirky

31. Pretty (after a long time, I’ve decided I can describe myself this way 🙂 )

32. Pinteresty

33. Sweet

34. Hilarious

35. I Iove to cook and secretly wanna be America’s next MasterChef

36. Pianist


38. I love to both tell and laugh at jokes – often at the same time

39. Stamp collector

40. Antiques enthusiast

41. Smart (also took a while to embrace this one)

42. Multi-lingual

43. Third Culture Kid (TCK)

44. Hispanic

45. Composer

46. Loving

47. Pastoral

48. Concise

49. Well-spoken

50. Honest

51. Loyal

52. Friendly

53. I love to socialize but I’m pretty socially awkward too

54. Anxious

55. I am both a dog person AND a cat person

56. I care very much for the earth and have greened my routine a lot in recent years

57. Friend

58. Sister

59. Daughter

60. Eclectic

61. Imaginative

62. Audrey Hepburn wannabe

63. Simplistic

64. Minimalist

65. Weird

66. Spunky

67. Christ-follower

68. I adore the beach

69. I’m passionate about communion

70. I will always prefer a cappella singing

71. I journal all the time

72. I love tiny, not chain, coffee shops

73. Texan

74. ISFP on the Myers-Briggs

75. Peacemaker (9) on the Enneagram

76. Spiritual gifts of prophecy, hospitality and evangelism

77. My favorite book of the Bible is Luke

78. I choose a non-Messianic reading of the Hebrew Scriptures

79. My life goal is to write a Tony Award- winning musical about the underground railroad… and to have said award presented to me by Neil Patrick Harris

80. I heart musical theater

81. I actually love MARTA (our transit system)

82. I have MARTA’d to Harstfield Airport and back to people watch and take notes

83. You will never see me without a notebook and if you do, call me on it

84. Chaplain

85. Pastor

86. I think I have an ethnographic disposition which Mary Clark Moschella describes as a way of being that “pays attention to the things people do automatically in this particular place and tries to understand the rhyme or reason behind them”

87. I love listening to people’s life stories

88. Journaling is so important to me that I’ve bought people their first journal to get them started

89. I feel like a living paradox sometimes. Most recently in fully embracing my religious tradition I grew up with. which I love,  and major changes I’ve had to make in that arena, which I also love, at the same time

90. Helen Keller was my childhood hero

91. Annie Sullivan was my other one

92. I was devastated when I learned (as an adult) that Ray Charles was a junkie

93. I used to believe that all famous pianists went blind at some point. I would practice with my eyes closed, in preparation for the fact that because I was going to be great too, blindness would be the price I paid for my craft. What an idiot.

94. I memorized the Sermon on the Mount in the 7th grade and recited it in chapel

95. My senior prom date asked me to prom over the intercom

96. I’ve never been on a real date

97. The World Cup makes me not proud of myself because I tend to get mean

98. I was made for life on the mission field

99. I try to make my life a mission field

100. I still want to play to a packed house in Carnegie Hall


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