Ocean Blessings

5936_533818248269_4085_nI love the beach. I don’t know if it’s the allure of the sand between my toes, the breathtaking contrast of sky blue to ocean blue, a refreshing breeze that brings relief from the beating sun – probably a mix of all of these things. I love to stand on the shore and let the waves break on my feet. I love to pick up a seashell and make a story of its long lost inhabitant. And I love to swim in the ocean.

Today, the ocean reminds me of God’s love, God’s provision and God’s care for me. I wade out into the ocean, as deep as I can stand it. I name each wave as it comes crashing over me.

My home. My car. My family. My education. My church. Professors by name. My seminary friends. My job.

My smile becomes bigger and my heart lighter as blessing after blessing washes over me and eventually there aren’t enough waves to match the blessings that keep coming to mind.

As the waves slow to a calm, gentle lapping in the wind, my thoughts slow down to a single prayer:

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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