My Trip To The Georgia Aquarium

“Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me!” – Every pirate ever

Yesterday was pirate/princess day at the aquarium. Since I had never been, what better time to go than on a day when it is socially acceptable to dress as a pirate and go out in public?!

I love the aquarium. It was so fun. I got there around 11:30 and my sister walked me around a little before her volunteer shift started, then I was on my own to explore. I took lots of notes in the frog exhibit:

– frogs legs are harvested from the wild, and this delicacy is endangering wild frogs. – one of the frogs, I think in Africa, is coated with a natural analgesic called epibetadine. It mimics narcotic pain relievers without the addictive qualities. Medical researchers are working with it to try to make it appropriate for use in human medicine. – There were lots of different kinds of toads (which are frogs, regardless of whether or not they are also a toad. I didn’t know that).

My favorites were the octopus, the stingrays/skates/hammerheads, and the jellyfish. I also loved going on the moving sidewalk through the tube, to see the whale sharks and the GIANT GROUPER! Yum! For real, all I could think about was a grouper sandwich with a side of couscous.

I got a salad for lunch in the cafeteria, and the dolphin show reminded me of my high school days when I seriously wanted to be a whale trainer for a long time. But all the Marine Biology classes seemed like a bit much, so I majored in Social Work and then I went to seminary.

Anyway, it was quite a fun time, I got to meet some “real” pirates, and I have new possibly favorite sermon-thinking/writing spot: right in front of the beluga. AND, this just in, one of the hospital interpreters just came in the breakroom so I was telling her about it, and she informed me that aquarium admission is free on your birthday, as long as you bring your license/ID! So, guess where I’ll be on June 22….

Since a picture’s worth a thousand words…

anemone coral 2013-03-02 11.16.59 jellyfish pirate sara 2 stingray octopus stingray


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