The Art and Pleasure of Killing Time at Panera

I have to babysit at 7. I got done with my other job at 2. So I drove to the Panera that’s about 7 minutes from my 7PM job to “hang out.”

For me this means walking in, finding a great spot and setting up my computer first. Today, it’s a comfy sofa chair by the back window. I have my own little square table to I plug in my computer and turn it on so it’ll be ready for me when I get back.

I order my lunch. 1/2 classic salad and a bowl of chicken noodle soup – the perfect meal for a day like today if you ask me. How I have no Panera rewards today is beyond me but that’s ok. I get a bottle of water to drink, and a cup for coffee later. It’s ready in seriously 5 seconds.

I bring it over to my chair and get situated, to not only eat, but experience my meal. I got all the time in the world, yo!

I’m SO close to propping my feet up in the chair next to me, but the ladies to my right will judge me. So I cross my legs up in the chair, Native American style and eat my salad first. It’s yummy and crunchy. The soup is perfect. More chicken than noodles, as it should be.

My friend may join me if he has time, and I have lunch, ponder random things, job search a little, and now I have some coffee because it’s chilly over here by the window. It’s 1/4 hazlenut, 3/4 decaf. I already had full caf coffee this morning and a diet coke.

Now, Pandora, Macbook, iPhone and I are enjoying the bounty of this food, this comfy chair, and the luxury of sitting here for 3 hours and 45 minutes, before I have to leave for my other job, since I’m blessed to have 3.

Next challenge: do this again, unplugged! I don’t know…


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