I Dreamed A Dream: Capstone Edition

I dreamed a dream in time gone by when hope was high and life worth living,

I dreamed my Capstone plans would fly, I dreamed that K-Mass would be forgiving,

now I’m stressed out and so afraid, and time is scarce and often wasted.

There is no food up in this place, no chicken nuggets to be tasted.

Then my capstone calls at night, ripping me out of my slumber,

and it tears my hopes apart,

“what if my capstone’s just too lame”

[key change]

And still I dream I’ll get a “B,” and I’ll pass the class and graduate,

but there are dreams that cannot be, why did I let it get this late?

I had a dream my life would be so different from this endless writing,

so different now from what it seemed:

Capstone has killed the dream I dreamed.*

* I take full responsibility for the faulty time management that put me in this situation, I just needed a mid-mid capstone outlet. 🙂


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