Shopping at H&M: A Journey

I try to shop conscientiously – paying attention to where my clothes and groceries come from, and the environmental and slave labor effect of my purchases. The other day, I was wearing my favorite cardigan – it’s a long cardigan with short sleeves and pockets. Before I’d dressed that morning, I’d caught a glance at the tag inside – it said something about that particular line at H&M being committed to fighting for more sustainable fashion futures. I was really excited about that.

Almost as excited as I was the day I actually came away from H&M with something I could wear. I’ll explain. For people with endocrine issues, people like me, weight doesn’t come off as easily as it does for some. It sure goes on quick though! Over the years, I’ve worked to become more and more proactive about not eating a lot of sugar and refined carbs, and finding fun ways to exercise.

When I discovered spinning class (the biking class), it got really easy to exercise all the time. Ellen Barrett’s Yoga and Pilates classes help too. Anyway, I’ve slowly and progressively developed my own fitness and nutrition plan that’s been working – slowly but surely.

I started reflection on my weight-loss journey of sorts after home Bible study last week, when my sister gave me a few of her old clothes that she didn’t want anymore. I got a great dress of hers that she wore in high school. Sharing clothes with my sisters has always been something I wanted to do. And now, 25lbs later, I can 🙂

So, I’ll keep moving fashion forward (always shopping companies that promote sustainable practices)  and I’m excited for the rest of the journey.



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