Bests and Worsts of 2012

Happy New Years’ Eve eve! In a total cliche move to have a blog post since I’ve totally been neglecting my blog, I will now share my favorite and least favorite moments of 2012.

Let’s do it in top three fashion:


3) “The one that got away” – I called him “hot coffee shop guy,” and he will remain so named because I never took the time to say “hi” or introduce myself or nothing. I spent my afternoons for about a month at Land of 1000 Hills watching him write in his journal, while I wrote in mine, occasionally catching his amazing blue eyes staring at me. Then one day, he was gone.

2) Gall stones: I was diagnosed in May of 2012, and now I have to eat fat free things until I can afford surgery/have time to take a week off from life to do it. It’s been a good thing actually, kind of. I love kale now, mustard greens and scottish oatmeal.

SIDEBAR: Scottish oatmeal is more finely ground than steel cut oats. It is better than rolled oats and steel cut. Very creamy, and not as chewy as the other two.

1) Letting my car run out of oil: The engine locked, rendering Clem un-driveable. Sorry, buddy. The oil change light does not mean “you’re due for an oil change!!!” CHECK YOUR OIL REGULARLY if you drive an old car, folks! Just sayin’.

And now for the bests:

3) My “new” car! Claudie Bell is a ’99 Honda Civic. She’s green and she runs very well. I’m so proud of her and glad she is in my life. Clem left a void in all our hearts, but Claudie Bell is quickly rising to the occasion.

2) When one of the groups I’ve translated for during their mission trips to Mexico in the past paid my way to come translate for them for a week. During that week, I had a delicious chilaquiles breakfast, lots of translating of Bible studies which I love to do, got a surprise serenade and cupcake on the Tuesday before my birthday, and I got to spend my birthday in San Diego.  And that was the week after I’d spent a week in Guatemala doing medical translating. So, good year for missions, I’d say 🙂

1) Preaching in a real church for the first time: My family and a lot of my friends were there. It was a good day. Nay, a great day.

Here’s a picture of me and my parents when they came to hear me preach:



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