I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love my school: the campus because it’s beautiful; my friends because as we journey together and learn together we grow together and sometimes have opportunities to minister to each other, not just train for ministry to others; my professors because they care about us, and daily share with us insight and, usually, a little wit and wisdom free of charge.

So, for you readers and mostly my fellow McAfee pals, some of said wit and wisdom I’ve collected over the years. I’ve starred my favorites. Enjoy!


– “By the way…” *

-” mom and ’em”

-“say ‘amen'”

-“God be praised”

– bow ties


– I love that she takes prayer requests at the beginning of every class, and I got a smiley face on one of my papers

– The biggest thing I’ve learned from both Dr. Allen and Dr. Durso is the importance of Church History – not just as an academic discipline, but also as a foundation for good ministry. Both are very passionate about the subjects they teach, making them engaging and fun professors and regular people. *


– “Wikipedia is an abomination”

– “In your papers don’t say ‘ it occurs to me.’ It sounds pretentious.”

– “Paper ends abruptly.”

– “Economy of language.” *


– “learning labratories”

–  a midterm exam = a “celebration of learning”

– “I’m excited for all the learning that will take  place here today.”

– Dr. H has a fun laugh, it cracks me up. *


– lecturing in “pirate captain” stance: standing upright, one hand on hip, other hand outstretched to the “sea of knowledge” ahead

– “Speaking of fig trees, I can’t understand how anyone can go into Kroger and not come away with a box of Fig Newtons.” *

When I first stared at McAfee, during my second semester I had Dr. Jones for Greek II.  I didn’t come from a religious studies background and had somehow convinced myself that this wasn’t common at all. Dr. Jones asked me to come have a chat with him in his office one day after class. I braced myself for the inevitable: the faculty and staff had finally seen their mistake in admitting me and had chosen the nicest professor to let me know that I was being dismissed. NOT even close. We chatted for a while and then he said “seminary can be hard at times, for everyone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Anytime I can help you with anything, just ask.” *

Among the things I’ll never forget, that one’s pretty high on the list.  🙂


– fingerpoint and headbob

-“… and let me name something here…”


– ” Did you know he was publishing when he was 90? I’m like ‘Dude! Plant a garden!'”

– “That’s a bonafide dissertation topic.” *

– “That almost makes me want to break out in Amazing Grace”

– “Is this a good place to stop?” *

– “This class is called The Captivity Letters. That reminds me to let everyone know that yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the first James Bond movie.”



“It’s. Just. NUTS!”


Phone rings. “It’s my brother.”

“Grab a Red Bull and join the dialogue.” (we’ve yet to hear that one this semester. Fingers crossed…)

“OH SNAP.” *

and most recently, “oh un-snap.” ??


– ” Preach like you believe what you are saying will change the world.” *

– ” We liked it.”

– “Let’s have some fun out there!” *

I love it. Each week is full of insight and fun, we pray and learn, and each day I am thankful for my school and my professors.



  1. Julia

    Okay seriously, how do you not leave Kroger without Fig Newtons? 🙂 Love these and going to steal the breaking into Amazing Grace quote. I say “Awesome” way too much, and that’s a much better explanation of feeling. Haha! Love all this!

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