I Believe in Flowers

We did our own “This I Believe”s in class the other day. This I Believe is an international organization engaging people in writing and sharing essays describing the core values that guide their daily lives ( http://thisibelieve.org/).

Mine was about flowers. Here ya go

I believe in flowers. Masterfully created to be unique in their own special way, lovingly crafted to simply be beautiful, creatively designed to tell stories.

Stories of celebration, stories of grief. Stories of endings and stories of new beginnings.

White and purple lilies and orchids grace the grave markers of those we love – speaking our love and marking our presence when we aren’t there to speak or be.

White and red roses, pink and purple gerber daisies announce to those gathered around that this marriage will be shrouded in love.

And the fields in Texas, covered in delicate blue bonnets tell me a story of love:

the love of a creator who made me. The love of a birth mother who couldn’t keep me. The love of a family who chose me forever and the love of a Savior who seeks to make me more like him through my family’s example;

a savior who holds the hearts of birth mothers, a savior who guides the steps of new parents.

A savior who delights in seeing humanity thrive under the tender care of the same hands that made each flower in intricate detail, masterfully created to tell the stories of our lives.



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