30 Before 30

Another just for funsies post 🙂

Some of you know, I’m more quickly than would be considered ideal, approaching the dreaded end to my 20’s. That’s right. I’m 29. There, I said it. Usually when people ask me how old I am, I just say “oh, I’m in my 20’s.”

How stupid of an answer is that?

I haven’t fully embraced the onset of 30, but I HAVE decided how to make it more fun. Everything (well, mostly. With the exception of some assignments and things like that) is more exciting with a deadline, yes?

So, I will be making 30 extravagant meals before my 30th birthday. For the purposes of this exercise, “extravagant” refers to any dish that I’ve always wanted to make but have never tried, because of technique insecurities, caloric restrictions, funds,I never have enough time, things like that.

In some cases, the “meals” will be simple standbys followed by a decadent and time consuming dessert, or, as I encounter more expensive ingredients, I will create kind of a themed dinner designed to bring out the flavor of the expensive ingredient.  For example, obviously, the dishes I will cook with lobster and crab will be appetizers. On those days, I will plan a 3-course meal that will showcase the star ingredient and will tie the appetizer, entree and dessert all together. It’s Iron Chef America meets MasterChef meets Sara’s Birthday Adventures!

The idea is to give myself permission to be adventurous before I hit 30. To release my inner chef, for a good reason. Not that I need one, but it’s nice to have (dang it, Julia Cameron and your Artist’s Way book that seems to be working that I love to hate and hate to love).

Over the next few weeks, I will be planning what exactly I will be making and when. I’ll be documenting the process, the end result and critiques.

To start the project, the theme will be Flavors from My Childhood. My dad and I used to go to this Japanese restaurant near our house. We had to take our shoes off to go in.  Very fun. It was so long ago, but I still remember they had a great starter soup. A very light broth, with chopped fresh scallions floating on top. To start my project, at some point in the next few weeks I will be making an Asian inspired meal, with appetizer, entree and dessert. I’ve never done Asian because I’m intimidated by the complexity of flavor and the techniques and intuition necessary to create the perfect flavor profile, but I’m taking it on, so I’ll report back in a few weeks!




    1. sarainrealife

      Thanks! Anytime you wanna come by and try, feel free! I’ll put up the menu and dates so that I don’t wind up with a ton of food. I think it’d be fun for people in the area to be a part of it 🙂

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