Happy Glad I Gotcha Day!

” Anything that I have done right, I learned from my mother. That’s the way families work.” – Grandmother Mouse of Critter County

It’s a busy day in Critter County. The mothers and fathers are proudly watching their children help set-up for the festivities. It’s Glad I Gotcha Day – and it’s a party for sure. In Critter County, the kids memorize Bible verses and learn valuable lessons about life, and today, they are learning about families.

I don’t know how many times I listened to the Glad I Gotcha Day Critter County audio cassette and accompanying story book during my childhood. I know it was enough times for me to still be able to sing the theme song if I really think about it. It is just one of many books on adoption that I’ve read or listened to in my day.

“Glad I Gotcha Day” became a thing in our family  around the time I was about three or four, probably. My glad I gotcha day is August 24, 1983, two months and two days after my birthday; when Glenn and Nancy Robb adopted me into their family, becoming my parents forever. My fourteenth Glad I Gotcha Day was the best: my dad and I went out for lobster! The first and last time I experienced the delectable and expensive treat. During college, because I went away to school, my dad sent me a card on every Glad I Gotcha Day.

This is (L-R): Me, my foster mom, Sonoma, my dad, Glenn, my mom, Nancy, and my social worker, Margaret

Today is my 29th Glad I Gotcha day. So, apart from being delighted that I’m still in my 20’s for a few more months, I have serious reflections to share. So, to repay all the reasons my family’s glad they got ME, here are all the reasons I’M glad I got THEM.

– I have the best parents ever. They’ve always been supportive, even when I’m sure it was hard to do. They taught me valuable lessons in how to be (Christian, ethical, hard-working) and have modeled lives that seek the will of God above everything else.

– My sisters are great. Both of them are lots of fun to be around, and I learn as much from them as I hope they’ve learned from me as their older sister.

– I was lucky to grow up in a family that embraced my diversity in being adopted, celebrating it and making sure to talk about it often so I would know I was loved, and never let me doubt that I was truly loved.

– I’m a High-School graduate, a College graduate, and in May of 2013, I’ll be a Seminary graduate. Mere highlights peppering a life that has been truly blessed with many opportunities, and the love of my family.

I’ve often wondered what I would say to my biological mother if I ever met her. I think something like this:

“Thank you for loving me enough to give me to a different life, to more opportunities, to deep relationships, wonderful friendships and a family who brought me up in the Lord.

Thank you for being courageous enough to say ‘goodbye’, and thank you for being selfless enough to be happy for the life that I have now, for the things I’ve accomplished because of your sacrifice and for the love I’ve found throughout my life.

I’ve tried to live my life in a way that your sacrifice doesn’t go in vain:

I hope that as you loved me enough to give me to a different life, I will always try to love others into their best lives.

I hope that as you were courageous enough to say ‘goodbye’, that I will be courageous enough to pursue all the things I dream about that freak me out the most.

I hope that as you sacrificed your happiness for my life, that I would be a selfless friend and servant to others, so that a piece of you will go on through me, though we’ve never met.”

I’ve always belonged in my “adoptive” family. I don’t even use that qualifier. My family’s my family, my parents are my parents, my sisters are my sisters,

when I shall sit they shall sit, when I shall kneel they shall kneel,

etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. (King and I? Anyone?)

K. Moving on.

I’m thrilled to be a part of the Robb family, and thankful in illegal amounts for being placed by God here in their midst.

So, happy glad I gotcha day, to me and to my family!!!!!



  1. Laura Harrell

    This is totally AMAZING, Sara Robb!! My brother-in-law was adopted and found his birth mother when he turned 30 (15 years ago). The things that you wrote to your birth mother were precious and awesome! I am so glad they gotcha too, and in turn, we gotcha!!! Love you!!

  2. Meredith

    Boy am I glad they gotcha, too! It was always fun to have another girl cousin close to my age to play with at the Farm! What you would say to your birth mom I think is the perfect picture of what we should say to Jesus! Love it. Love you!

  3. nancy

    The morning after we gotcha, while you were slurping down your breakfst in the pre-dawn light of my first day of being a mother, I had a vision — God’s hand, with you all cuddled up inside, reaching down to lay you in my lap. Since that day I have never ceased to be amazed that he chose me to bless with you. We are the ones who are glad we gotcha!

  4. Eddison Fowler

    We as well are very glad you have always been part of our family’s life. Just wish we could be together more. Anyway, glad we gotcha!

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