Countdown to May 2013

My last year of seminary begins today.

I’ve been working on a Master of Divinity at Mercer University (McAfee School of Theology) since 2008 and the end is near. I’m super excited, but at the same time, there are so many things about McAfee that I will miss.

So, in “Top 10” fashion,  here are the 10 things I’m most excited about after graduation and the 10 things I will miss the most about McAfee and seminary life.

I’m looking forward to:

10) Finding new places to serve

9) (Hopefully) a chaplain residency

8) Framing my degree

7) Seeing what I’ve learned put into practice in every day life, much like it is now

6) Piece-mealing a commentary set

5) More preaching

4) Sharing what I’ve learned with others through preaching and teaching

3) Never again filing a FAFSA

2) The Graduate Commissioning Service


I will miss:

10) Eating lunch or reading for class on the ledge outside the theology building, surrounded by grass and trees and brick architecture

9) Library access to all the commentaries and stuff

8) My mailbox (which rarely has mail in it)

7) Walking into the theology building on the first day after a long break

6) All nighters (they are kind of a rush, really)

5) The wonderful and patient Dr. Michelle Garber

4) All the staff

3) All my professors

2) Preaching classes

1) The McAfee community


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