Car, Cab, Plane, Bus: Let’s Go To Guatemala!

I usually wear my hair curly, but the night before travel day I decided to dry it. I always dry my hair before traveling because

1) it is SUCH a hassle because it’s so long, that it makes me so tired I can hardly stay awake long enough to worry about having to get on a plane and be in the air for so long and

2) it’s just easier to have it straight because I don’t like to have things touching my face in stressful situations.This is why I often pull it back during tests or when I’m studying. I wear it down when I preach though, so my face doesn’t look fat.

I slept the night away and woke up around 4:45, to head out the door to the home of some friends with whom I’d be traveling. My parents drove me to their house and an airport cab picked us up to take us to the airport.

We boarded, and eventually took off on the most turbulent ride I’ve ever been a part of. That part was terrible, made worse by the peanut gallery in the back that kept saying things like “you can do it, plane. Just get up there, just get up there!” NOT HELPFUL BEHAVIOR FOR PEOPLE WHO HATE TO FLY. Just sayin.

Anyway, we did in fact “get up there” and back down too. We left the airport and boarded a charter bus and took the normally -three-hour-that-took-five-hours-because of traffic ride to Clinica Ezell, our home away from home for the week.

After putting our things away, getting a tour, and dinner, we went to sleep and arose then next morning to start off a fantastic week of medical evangelism with a church service at Montellano Church of Christ.

We had an orientation after church, and began a week of surgeries, devos, great meals and prayer.

Stay tuned for specifics and highlights!



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