An Elephant Never Forgets

Elephants have always been my favorite animals. I think they are so adorable, with their trunks and their bumbling feet, and their awesome tusks. When I was about 8 or 9 years old, my dad brought me a glass bobcat from Porto Alegre, Brazil, where he had gone to visit a church (while we were missionaries in Belo Horizonte, Brazil) and I thought it was super cool. Some time later, we were on a family vacation, and I saw a little display of glass animals so I bought one so my bobcat could have a buddy; a dog, naturally.

My collection, or glass menagerie 🙂 has grown over the years to include whales, a seal, horses, bunnies, and about eleven or so elephants. My favorite is a soapstone set with a mom elephant and three little baby elephants.

It makes me happy to look at them on my bookshelf, and to see pictures of elephants in the wild. I love the National Geographic TV specials all the time, but mostly when there’s an elephant.

Conversely, it makes me sad to see elephants in poorly run/designed zoos, and the circus.

These days, now that I have time to mull over things since I’m not driving anywhere, I’ve been thinking a lot about the deplorable way our earth has been and is being treated: from animal cruelty to taxes on the earth as humankind has continued to advance and use up her resources.

There’s a song I learned when we would go on furlough from the mission field and visit our sponsoring churches: This World Is Not My Home. Ok. I believe that as a Christian, my soul was not meant to feel at home here, but, I also believe that God created the earth, the flowers, tress, the once smog-less air, butterflies, birds, elephants, etc for me to enjoy, admire, be thankful for, love and care for.

I think I’m actually kind of grateful for this time without my car. I walked to the grocery store this evening, and back and so that was a way less boring workout than the gym, and maybe even group cycle. On the way back, I had bags with me so I got my arms a little workout in too, all while being surrounded by green trees, set against a blue sky, with the mild evening sun lighting my path.

This time without my car has given me a chance to literally stop and smell the roses,

and be thankful.

And, keep educating myself.

Hence the elephant post:

this simple post is just a plea, that you would consider joining me (or continuing in) my new commitment to do my research before my next trip to the zoo (or circus, which in my case would never happen because Sara + clowns + being inside a tent with lots of people blocking the way to the place where no clowns abound = not even a remote possibility).

Yay for elephants!


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