Oh hey injury, I’m insult. Let’s get together and have lunch: My life in cliche

Clem, the car I’ve driven for the past five years, died last week. “Clem” was his nickname. Short for San Clemente. I named him San Clemente because when I first got him, it was a few months away from Halloween. On Halloween, I “dressed him up” as a Latin American taxi cab: multi-colored blanket in the back seat and a rosary hanging from the rear view mirror.

Thus, Clem was born, and became an important companion to me.

We went on road trips together, we (against our collective better judgment) listened to my GPS’s instructions together while driving in rural Alabama; which led us to drive into a (FORTUNATELY) shallow creek my GPS mistakenly decided was my grandfather’s house… in the middle of the night.

FYI, don’t drive into a creek by yourself. It is very scary and visions of crazed clowns carrying meat cleavers jumping out of the trees at any minute will drive even the calmest of persons into insanity.

I mean, so I’ve heard.

Clem got me to school, work, home and church every day for five years. I didn’t mind paying for maintenance because I loved him. I even bought him new wheels for Christmas last year.

His untimely death leaves a void another car can only hope to fill, and comes at the tail end of a slew of other “incidents,” adding insult to injury and making the old expression

“when it rains, it pours,” particularly relevant to my life at the moment.

About a month ago, I went to traffic court and paid a quite hefty fine. Rain storm number one.

A few weeks after that, I went to the ER where I discovered I have to have my gallbladder removed, to the tune of a (actually not that bad but hefty to me) rather large co-pay. This was after my trip that afternoon to urgent care (smaller co-pay), and three prescriptions for the kidney infection I had at the same time. Rain storm number two. Nay, let’s call it a hailstorm.

Then, the Noah-style deluge of last week, with Clem being rendered un-driveable.

I have chosen, however, to latch on to a different catch phrase: the silver lining on the cloud. Appropriate, eh?

First, it started with just being grateful that my parents and sister are ok sharing my mom’s car with me for the time being – we’re all making some sacrifices to share a car three ways, but it’s not been that bad. Next, I was glad my phone still works and my computer hasn’t given me any problems even though it is old.

And I always think about how lucky I am that my computer was free, and that I have the best friends ever,

and that I have the most amazing employers who are so flexible with scheduling and that I get to hang out with the world’s cutest little girls as my job while in school.

But THEN, I found out that one of my very favorite groups I’ve translated with in Mexico couldn’t handle my not being with them during their one-week stay in Erendira. They took up a collection at their mission trip meeting so that I would be able to come with them and translate. I’d been saving the money I ultimately used on my traffic tickets (yeah, it was that much, because there was one I forgot about and it was a confusing mess but its all good now) to go with one of the groups if possible.

Apparently, it is possible!

When it rains, it pours, but every cloud has a silver lining.

I’m really thankful for all of mine (rain and silver)


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