2011-2012 School Year Recap: Top 20

I’m really into “top tens” right now. So, just for funsies, instead of a long, drawn out recap of my school year,  I’ll do it in top-ten fashion. Only it’s top 20, not 10.

Here goes 🙂

2011-2012 School Year Top 20

20) Transitioning back from Mexico after the summer was actually quite fun

19) Finding ways to make my 2011 project for the year more of a lifestyle

18) Christmas card from my sponsored child

17) This semester gave me a legitimate excuse to sit at Land of 1000 Hills Coffee House, drink coffee and write. It was mostly for school, and it was lovely

16) I witnessed a bird get hit by a car. I’m sorry, I just never saw it happen so I wondered if it was possible. I’m learning to like birds. But,now I know that sometimes they don’t fly away fast enough. You’re welcome. Drive carefully

14) Meeting my friends Amber and Stephen’s baby girl, Zoey

13) Sandwiches at the Roswell Tea House with my mom. Thank you Groupon

12) Making my dad’s crab cake birthday lunch

11) Mentoring at a hospice and learning a ton

10) Though I didn’t meet my mentoring personal goal, it was nice to have the excuse to carve out piano time in my week. I never get to play anymore.

9) Cycling class

8) Baptist Heritage class – no, I’m not joking. I learned a ton and have tons to think on now, even after class is over

7) Meeting Maggie (Gracie’s babys sister) and getting to hang out with her too. Grace and Maggie are the little girls I watch during the week.

6) Watching my sister get married

5) Preaching class #1

4) Preaching class #2

3) making new friends, investing in my school community, and prayer group

2) Kate giving me her computer at the start of the semester after mine was stolen in MX over the summer. Still so thankful, Kate

Drumroll in my minnnnnnnndddddd…….

1)LES MISERABLES AT THE FOX (cymbal clash). More specifically, looking over at my  sister after the song before intermission and seeing her hunched forward on the edge of her seat mouth open, eyes glistening with tears of amazement and shock at the sheer talent she had just witnessed in. real. life.  (now, if she gets mad about this post, we’ll know who reads my blog 🙂 ) I TOLD her it was the best musical ever.

The end,

but, I’d love to hear yours!


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