Summertime and the livin is… easy?

This summer will be interesting… and it may even be kind of hard. For the past three years I have spent my summers off from school in Baja California, Mexico.

If you know me well, or have read older blog posts, you know that I’ve always had this dream of doing mission work in Mexico, and starting a free counseling program for migrant workers. Some day, that might happen.

But it won’t be this summer.

This summer, I’ll be here, working and saving up because next semester will be so busy, we’ll just have to see how much time is left for working.

I was thinking about this the other day, because summer is rapidly approaching. I’ve compiled a list of things I will miss this summer, being the first away from Mexico in a long time, then the things I am most excited about this summer.

Enjoy 🙂

Ten Things I Will Miss About My Baja Missions Summers:

10) Boarding a plane in Atlanta at the ridiculous hour of 5 AM

9) Landing in San Diego, and grabbing a BBQ Chicken Pizza from California Pizza Kitchen at the SD airport, and waiting for 2+ hours for the group I’m riding with across the border to arrive

8) Riding a bus to the border, and all those rolling hills and blue, BLUE ocean.

7) Arriving in Ensenada, pulling into the City of Children to be greeted by Matt/Mario/Mishka/Arturo/Patti/Ricardo/Andres/Esteban/Jesus/Lily/etc and all those kids 🙂

6) Mexican popsicles (I mean paletas), fish tacos for $1, Coca Light instead of Diet Coke, radishes with every meal (um, yes, most exciting thing ever. Try it), and walking around downtown Ensenada

5) Yes, COSTCO. The number 5 thing I will indeed miss this summer.

4) Arriving at the church we’ll be working with for a whole week, being welcomed by the preaching family and the church members, usually with a delectable authentic Mexican meal

3) Speaking Spanish, awkward medical translating,  and Dr. Nichols in the eye clinic

2) Kate, Shu, Jamie, Peyton, Alejandro, Andres, Mishka, Matty, Allyson, Caroline, the groups, Mayfair week and  the beach trip to Puerto

1b) Mexican hugs, I love you in Spanish, journaling while I watch waves crash on the rocky shore, making little rainbows; from my place in a little cleft on a cliff overlooking the ocean at Camalu

1a) Riding in the back of a 15 passenger van, going from or toward Ensenada, and thinking to myself “this is real life”

Ten Things I’m Looking Forward To This Summer

10) Getting to go all the fun Atlanta summer events (movie festival at the Fox, movies on the green)

9) Picnics in Piedmont Park

8) MARTA ing – Yeah. I love MARTA. I MARTA to the Airport and back sometimes. It’s fun.

7) Getting to do my laundry whenever I want and not living out of a suitcase

6) Interning at Campbell Stone North assisted living facility. I get to preach (YAY!) on a couple of Sunday nights, and lead a Bible study. Also, I will be spending a lot of time with the ninth-floor residents (24 hour nursing care), many of whom have some kind of dementing illness


4) Visiting my grandma several times, and visiting friends in Alabama and Tennessee

3) Road trips to some museums in Georgia and Alabama. I’m already planning to go to the Civil Rights Museum in Montgomery, and to Kononia Farm in Georgia. Other ideas? Let me know! Nothing too far. Pretty much GA/TN/AL is where I’m willing to drive 🙂

2) Unexpected surprises

1) Spending my birthday with my family, and getting to hang out with them a lot 🙂

To those of you who have supported me during my summers in Baja, or anyone who wants to know more about Baja Missions or my summer adventures, though I am not going to be there physically, I’m still actively involved in the life of Baja Missions. If you’d like to discuss past summers, or the current work of Baja Missions, let me know. I LOVE to talk about Mexico. And I have pictures…


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