Bless the Hands That Prepared This Food

I love my school. Yesterday afternoon and then again last night, I got to attend two of the 2012 William L. Self Preaching Lectures, featuring Brian McLaren.

At the end of the afternoon session, a dismissal prayer/blessing for the food was led. No big, right?

One line stood out to me, though. He prayed for the food and all the people that labored to get it to us (it was a lot more eloquent when the Dean said it, but still).

I started thinking about meal blessings. Admittedly, I always thought that “bless the hands that prepared this food” was a prayer form of “my complements to the chef.”

I think I’m dead wrong.

How would it be if I blessed my meals with true gratitude, bearing in mind that

it is possible that one of my strawberry/cucumber/squash picking friends in Baja Mexico may have picked my food for me?

or that someone ( a lot of someones)  worked a lot of hours to slaughter, clean, cut, package and distribute  the steak for my taco?

Or that I paid less per portion of this meal than some people make in a day?

I think it could be transformative.

Creator God,

Thank you for this meal I’m about to enjoy… and bless the hands that prepared this food, from the strawberry field to my dining room table.



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