Reflections and new collisions

Well, I’ve been back from my summer in Mexico for about 1 week and a half or so. What a great summer! I have so many fond memories, and I meant to be reposting my e-mail updates to the blog, but I guess time got away from me… I’m sure we all know how that is.

I was thinking back on my summer the other day, and how it has compared to other summers in light of my project for the year. I was wondering how deliberately trying to connect with the poor would impact my summer of working with them. It’s amazing how fresh something can seem when you approach it from a new perspective. I found myself being genuinely moved by the plight of the people of Baja, when we would go to their homes or have Bible studies with them. Not that I’m not moved ordinarily,  but I think this year I was way more sensitive to the reality of their lives.

The best part of my summer was getting to use my education in Social Work to counsel a woman in one of the churches who had an extensive history of abuse, since childhood. Many of you know that my life dream is to start a counseling program in Baja, to provide free counseling services to the members of the various churches there. Talking with her was a little glimpse of what’s to come for me, and it was really exciting.

Now, since I’m back, the soul collision project is back on. This time, my compassion funds will be given to Chandler McAnally for his homeless outreach program.  I’m really excited because it is based here in Atlanta!

” He has shown you, o mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. ” – Micah 6:8


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