No stain, no gain

Hi everyone!

We had a fantastic week in Erendira last week. The small town of Erendira is kind of close to San Vicente. We were 2 groups strong… the Owens Crossroads Church of Christ and the Guntersville Church of Christ, both from Alabama.

I had a great time translating the women´s class at night and translating several individual Bible studies during the day. During the course of the week, in Erendira, we had a total of 2 baptisms, in the ocean. They were the most beautiful baptisms I’ve ever seen because the ocean in Erendira is framed by cliffs and rocks. We found a rock formation that formed a wall against the ocean waves that had gradually let in some water, forming a pool in the midst of the rock, that was deep enough to wade into and had been warmed by the sun. God’s official baptistery, if you will. Our two new sisters are Macrina and her sister, Guadalupe. After her baptism on the first day (I translated that Bible study), Macrina asked me to come all over the small town with her to invite all her friends to church. She’ll be a great addition to the leadership of that church.

Most of the week was Bible studies and VBS. I also had the best birthday of my life just about. I got to the church in San Vicente and was greeted by the preacher’s son who took me to my special bench where his sisters had hung birthday balloons for me. Right before breakfast, I heard some Mariachi music coming from the speakers in the kitchen and I turned around and the preacher’s wife, Nelly, was carrying this huge cake she’d made for me! Chocolate, strawberry and chocolate cake layers with fluffy chocolate frosting. MMMMM.
THEN, at dinner the Owens Cross Rds kitchen ladies had also made me a cake. It was lots of birthday and so fun.

We had about a night and half a day to rest, get our laundry done, change some dollars to pesos and regroup for the next week, then we headed out to Camalu, which is about 3 hours south of Ensenada. This was a special week for Matt because it was the group from  his home church. His parents, aunt, uncle and cousin were there along with the youthgroup and some other members from that church.

We had a long but very productive week. This week, Kate and I tag teamed translating morning VBS which was totally fun. Jason, Matt’s uncle did a fantastic job of organizing the class into an interactive, fun and engaging learning environment. Nearly all the kids could say the 9 Fruits of the Spirit by the end of the week.

We also had one baptism and helped some members of the church out with food sets and some new furniture, built by one of the team members. Kate and I stained a bed.

Please take a special note: if you ever plan to stain a bed, wear long pants, socks and not flipflops and long sleves and a scarf over your face so the stain doesn’t splatter on your feet and face and arm and make you look like you have a skin disease and be declared the poster child for Leprosy. Just a thought, take it or leave it. I still have some stain on my feet, but hey, someone in Camalu is currently sleeping on a brand-new bed. Hence the title of this post.
Seriously, though,  I’m thoroughly enjoying all the projects I’ve been assigned so far, and we’ve been having great weeks so far and I’m ready for 3 more awesome weeks with my translator buddies and the new groups. Thanks for the prayers and support!!

Love from Baja 🙂


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