Gone to San Diego in my mind…. and in real life

You know that James Taylor song Gone to Carolina in my Mind? I love that song. When I listen to it though, I often change Carolina to San Diego or Ensenada, two of my favorite cities. On Thursday, I got into San Diego to spend a half day chillaxing before heading down across the border to Mexico where I’ll be spending the summer. Two of my co-translaters, Siobhan and Kate and I watched the Social Network which is so funny, and Siobhan and I headed out on Friday morning to find a RedBox to return the DVD. Well, apparently San Diego is not  as RedBox obsessed as are Nashville and Atlanta.

What I did learn though, is that San Diego is completely obsessed with the lottery. It was really sad to me, I don’t know if its because of my project for the year or what, but I felt compelled for each person buying a ticket, so I prayed for all of them. I also saw several hungry people sitting on street corners. Fortunately I had something to offer the two we passed on the RedBox adventure (which we did find by the way). I gave one guy a little tin of peanuts and another lady a banana. The whole day was really good, but it reminded me of the even deeper levels of poverty that I’ll be encountering this summer.

I’m excited for it, but realistically, the reality of the very limited extents to which any of our aid will go is always still in the back of my mind. Which is what inspired this year’s project. I can’t think like that, because it becomes an excuse not to do something.

I’ll say it again: little things make big differences.

More to come!! I can’t wait to hear about things in your life that drive your passions and the little things you are doing to make a difference.







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