Cafe, Biblias, and the ones who’ve never heard

Biblia is the Spanish word for Bible.  Yesterday I went into Family Christian Bookstore looking for a  Bible study. I wound up getting Beth Moore’s Believing God. When I was checking out,  I was asked to donate to send a Bible to Monterrey, Mexico. You know I said yes. The project is called Proyecto Dios me Ama (Project God Loves Me). The Bibles are only available in Family Christian stores, or online through the FCB website. It was only $5 and I got to sign a card to be included with the Bible.

I also bought some coffee the other day. I bought a bag of Buy Well Peru Alta Gold. My $8 purchase of this 100% fair trade, 100% organic coffee supports Cafe Femenino and women’s rights in coffee growing regions. Buy Well is committed to ensuring fair and livable wages for coffee growers, and sustainable agriculture at an affordable price that everyone can enjoy! It’s good too.

Tonight in Church History class (my favorite), we talked about the birth and expanse of Protestant global missions. We did a lot with social gospel and church reforms in the past few weeks and tonight we went global. The discussion inevitably lead to the question “what about those who have never heard?”

I’ve thought about this before. I usually brush it off because it’s too complex and disturbing for my mind to handle when it comes up in my head. In the words of Margaret Mitchell’s  Scarlett O’Hara, “I’llthink about that tomorrow”. But, my three months in active compassion so far, have made me so much more intentional about everyhting. When I pray for my food, I also pray for those who aren’t about to enjoy their third meal of the day. When I started this project, I felt like it would be wierd and depressing to have that on my mind all day. But, its strangely redemptive, in a way. Being thankful for what I have makes me satisfied with what I’ve got, and I find myself not wanting as much.

Thinking about those who’ve never heard the gospel is an important matter to consider. I started thinking about what I have spiritually, not even materially, and what a blessing it has been to grow up in a Christian family, on the mission field, to have been nurtured in my family relationships and in my relationship with Christ. I’ve come to the disturbing conviction that there is no way that it’s ok for me to live into this life I’ve been blessed with, without sharing Jesus, the best of every blessing, with the rest of the world. Whether it’s through physically going, praying for my friends DJ, Aaron Taylor and Erin Kristen and their team as they currently serve in Russia, or financially  supporting a person to go on mission to take the gospel to the lost, I have a responsibility to be the extension of Christ’s ministry on the earth until he comes back. And those are just three little things out of countless others that I can do to restore delivering love and justice to the world.  I hope that when Jesus comes back, he is met with a world in which there are no unreached people. Whether or not they accept the gospel message is up to them. But everyone deserves the chance to make that choice.

Once in Church History class we talked about a guy who converted himself in his own sermon. I thought that was really funny, but it seems to me that the same thing just happened here. I just convicted myself in my own blog. The problem with conviction is that it requires action and accountability. So, now that I’ve decided to take my responsibility for the lost seriously, I need to act. Currently I am still working on next steps, but you have my full permission to ask me, anytime you see me, what I’m doing to carry out this conviction (which is commonly referred to as the Great Commission).

“Then Jesus came to them and said, ‘ all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age” – Matthew 28: 18-20


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