Reflections and Pancakes

First, the pancakes. If you live in/happen to be in the Atlanta area, I’m hosting a pancake breakfast at my home on April 30th (that’s next saturday). I’ll have all the pancakes you can possibly eat, in preparation for my last summer as a translator in Baja, Mexico. If you would like to bring a couple of bucks, or any loose change, feel free… if not, STILL COME to eat!! Bring the whole family!  My address is 11055 Indian Village Drive Alpharetta, GA 30022. Let me know if you can come! 678 571 6908 . Come hungry 🙂

I was talking with a friend today, and reflecting on my journey so far. It’s become more than just trying to connect with the poor through trying to live like they do: not eating out because they don’t have access/funds; cutting down my grocery budget so that in simplicity, I can remember my brothers and sisters all over the world who live in deprivation.

Well, it’s extended into education and excercise, which is totally wierd but cool.  I blogged in an earlier post that I’ve committed to being a great student for the rest of my 2 years in school, in respect for women in places like Africa and India who don’t ever even get to go to any kind of school. I have this opportunity and others don’t. We’re equal to Jesus and reconciling that is another dialogue for another day, but the one little thing I can do in my limited understanding of why I’m so blessed, is to turn that blessing back to praise by stewarding my education well. Does that make sense? So, I’m not in it for the A just because I want to be the best. I’m doing A+ work because there’s really no other response. When God gives you something, the right thing to do is give your very best to it.

As far as the excercise, here’s the deal. I went for a run the other day (and for the record, its not my thing). It started out as a walk, but my playlist for the day involved some Lecrae (OF COURSE), and the beat made me want to speed up. Anyway, halfway through I was like “I’m going to die”, and then I thought about those Africans and Indians who work all day and don’t get to provide for their health with excersice and Lecrae. And that got me through my run.

I don’t want my blog to turn into “mini sermon” blog, so I try not to sound too preachy, but I do want people to be inspired to at least become consciously mindful of poverty, and of the lost. There is always something we can do.

“Look, dawg: life is more than church, work and football! What if you were dead an’ seen that Christians overlooked y’all? This is why we leave the couch and leave the comforts of our house: to show a dyin’ world a God they’ll prob’ly never read about.” – Lecrae



  1. Vanessa

    Thank you Sarah! Your words have really helped me a lot!!! The disparity in the world has always haunted me, and Ive a little “survivor’s guilt”….your words have really helped me think of ways I can start being more proactive…

    1. sarainrealife

      Awesome! Survivor’s guilt is a great way to put it. I think you’re awesome, and you already do so much. Especially with making sure our Hispanic friends get the most out of worship! Thank YOU 🙂

  2. Yulia

    Girl, try biking! Running is not exactly my thing either even though i was in track-and-field for five years. lol There is nothing better than biking up the hill 😉 Take a friend with and it will be the most enjoyable thing ever. Even if you find a friend to run with, you will enjoy it. Love you!

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