Little Things

I buy loose produce at whole foods because it is friendlier to the earth, and I’ve found that it is cheaper per unit to do it this way (at least for beets and parsnips). Yes, I eat beets. I grew up in Brazil, its a thing there.

Anyway, did you know that Whole Foods will round up your purchase to the nearest dollar and donate the change to the hungry? I’m going to start asking other grocery stores whenever I go if they do it too. I think they do.

I recently cleaned out my closet. I’ll be going to my favorite place on the planet, The City of Children in Ensenada, Mexico in 12 days and I’ve decided I’m taking all of my clothes with me, and leaving them in the Baja Missions office at the City, for them to dispense to church members as needs arise. My reasons are, I don’t need a lot of clothes (laundry will DEFINITELY be less of a chore), and, I recently bought some sustainable basics from the Global Girlfriend and Threads4Thought websites.

My concern for the “underserved”, a term I learned in undergraduate Social Work classes, extends not only to the poor of the world, women and children, but also to the earth which has been brutally mistreated as well. By the end of this process, I’ll have a totally green wardrobe, and my friends in the Baja will have some new clothes!

So, this cleaning out my closet and giving away all my clothes , and rounding up my purchases at the grocery store to the next dollar so the change can be donated to those who need it are my first steps in “greening” my life (the clothes on those websites are made from 100% organic cotton and are dyed naturally without harsh chemicals), and making every purchase I make work for others (every Global Girlfriend purchase funds .3% of a microgrant to help women in Africa become working contributors to society and Threads4Thought partners with The International Rescue Committee and the Natural Resources Defense Committee).

Little things make big differences.


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