Happy “I can’t stop posting to my blog” day!

Now, on a very serious note, I have some reflections on this project.  I thought it was just going to be one of those things where I save money by not buying a ton of groceries and not eating out, and that would be good for raising money for different charities throughout the year. Then, I thought I’d blog about it so people would be inspired to do something to add their voices to the fight to end extreme poverty too.

It’s become a lot more personal than that though. This month I started my seven dollar challenge. For the month of March, I’m only spending $7 on food each week. This week, I’ve been eating beans and tortillas.

I only made half the bag of beans, and lots of tortillas, my take on plain tamales, and a tamale casserole thing that I put some canned corn I found in the pantry in, and some salsa on top. I’m saving the rice and the other half of the beans so maybe next week I can find a small chicken for around $7.

My whole psyche morphing into the mentality of a poor person thing,  at first was kind of freaking me out. My mom made pasta for my cousins and my sister one night last week, and I came in the kitchen and I saw it and it looked the best so I asked if I could have some. Normally, there’d be no asking, I’d have just sat down to enjoy a meal with my family.

Now, every day  just reinforces  for me the reality of hungry people all over the world that don’t get to have a great meal whenever they want.

Tonight, my family invited me to join them for a meal of sandwiches, chips and salad. And some ice cream for desert. To be honest, I wanted to say no because I felt like I would be cheating on the Nicaraguans. But, I had half a sandwich, some chips, some beans and a salad, and a scoop of ice cream at the end. I’ll tell you, and this is totally true, I’ve never been so thankful for a meal in my  entire life.

I’m not even halfway though March, and I’ve found this whole new humility and gratitude through this part of my project, for which I’m really thankful. I’m honestly super surprised though, at the profound emotional effect that’s been achieved here for me. I’ve taken on some of the daily realities of the poor, like not having a lot of food or choices, but in doing so, I’ve also taken on the mentality of the poor, through no effort of my own, mind you. I’m so much more thankful for every meal I get to eat, and for a soft bed to sleep on.

I encourage everyone to take some time this week to pray for the poor in our world. We’re not all  that different, you know.

“Then he said, so everybody could hear, ‘ If anybody really wants to share my way of life, let him have no regard for his own welfare, and let him risk his life every day and walk the way with me. ‘” – Luke 9:23, Cotton Patch Version


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